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With the mission of energy-saving, emission reduction, and environment-friendly, Shuangliang has devoted in exploration and innovation since its founding in 1982. Nearly 40 years, it has developed into an integrated industry with three major systems of energy saving, water saving and environmental protection, including: LiBr absorption central air conditioning system, industrial waste heat utilization system, absorption heat pump waste heat recovery system, flue gas condensation heat recovery system, CCHP system, intake air cooling system, efficient heat exchange system, dry cooling system, industrial circulating water cooling system, white smoke and fog management system, polysilicon reduction furnace system, etc. Meanwhile, Shuangliang also involves smart energy, including: energy-saving transformation, operation and maintenance management and contract energy management. In 2003, Shuangliang Eco-Energy (SH 600481) was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.